Thursday, August 12, 2010

We are at the Fort, and Loving It!

As expected, we arrived yesterday and set up Eifler Gym and the practice fields with absolutely no problems. Our 15 student managers did an OUTSTANDING job of getting everything set up and ready to go for our team.

We were done in plenty of time to meet the team over at T-Mac where we had dinner. General Custer welcomed all of us to the post, and then we had a GREAT dinner. There are many things we love about Fort Huachuca, but the food is definitely one of the highlights. Everyone on the post go out of their way to make sure everything is FIRST CLASS for us while we are here. As you can imagine, just like everything our U.S. Military does, they pay close attention to every single detail. It is obvious to all of us with UofA that each and every person here at Fort Huachuca want us to enjoy our visit.

I have already taken pictures of this mornings events and hope to get them up later. During practice, I serve as security for the gym.

Below are some pictures of yesterdays set up.

Managers take an afternoon break from working to chow down some chips and hot dogs.
Wildcats arrive to Eifler Gym to set up for some exciting days ahead:

We had to lay down some tarp in the trainers area so we would not ruin the Eifler Gym floor:

John Landwehr and Michael Barnett pay close attention to details in setting up the players locker room:

Managers had to move some mats around so the catering lady could set up food area inside the gym:

Manager off load trunks from Enterprise truck to put into Eifler Gym for a few days:

Managers off load equipment from one of our Enterprise trucks we drive down to Fort Huachuca:

John Landwehr carries some loose bags from the Enterprise truck:

Ben Hulka brings towels from the truck to our make shift Equipment Room we set up in Eifler Gym:

Managers bring all the players equipment into the side of Eifler Gym that we use for the players "locker room":

The hardest working crew in McKale come to Fort Huachuca each year to help set things up:

Michael Hairgrove's group, the hardest working people in McKale, come each year to assist in our set up:
This is how each players "locker" looks when they arrive each morning:

This is the area of the gym that we set up for our coaches locker room:

Coaches packed everything they needed for our trip to Fort Huachuca into these duffel bags, which we will put in their locker room for them:

Manager off load player bags into Eifler Gym:
Mike Baranowski and Jack Banker set up make shift lockers for the players:

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