Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some Early Bird Veterans!!

Today is an exciting day, as we get to see each veteran player individually as we check the fit on all their equipment. They also try on new shoes.

Mike Reed does some quality control on the helmets before we fit the players this morning:

Equipment Room has new look with two helmets for each player:

Player cubbys with both helmets:

Alex Zendejas with the new white helmet:

Alex Zendejas puts on his shoulder pads:

Benny checks Sione Tuihalamaka's white helmet:

Sione Tuihalamaka tries on his navy helmet:

Sione Tuihalamaka has his pads looked over by Tim:

Jeff Gallego adjust straps on Zendejas' white helmet:

Jeff checks chinstrap on Zendejas' navy helmet:

Conan Amituanai has pads checked by Tim:

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Quinn said...

love the two helmets!