Friday, August 27, 2010

Horizon Moving Always Hits Home Runs

I am not an expert on the computer, so I do not really know how to make these pictures any bigger, but I just got these pictures from Bruce Dusenberry, owner of Horizon Moving, and I wanted to share with everyone what our equipment truck will look like this year.

Benny and I just got back to the equipment room after a lunch meeting at our favorite restaurant, Guillermo's in South Tucson with Rick Shelly, general manager of Horizon and the two truck drivers, Bob Keith and Bob Caprari. We went over all the logistics for this upcoming season.

While we were having our meeting, Bruce sent these two pictures to me via email. The trailer just got the new wrap put on it and Bruce took some pictures of it before taking it back to the yard.

We will be loading the truck up first thing Tuesday morning so Bob and Bob can get it to the stadium by Thursday afternoon when we arrive in Toledo.

Obviously, we are very excited about another season with Horizon Moving. They have been moving our gear now for 10 years all around the country and they are the BEST in the business! Bob and Bob are the best drivers and movers that any equipment manager would want on their team. Even they know the routine after all these years, they still want to go over everything so they can make sure they do things right and help the Wildcats all they can.

A special thanks goes out to Leah Kuan of IMG for helping us out with Horizon Moving.

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