Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the Middle of a Grind

Everyone involved with the football team has gone through a lot of hard work and long hours for the past week or so, including our outstanding 15 student managers!

They have been fabulous so far this training camp! They spend many hours together and work closely with one another each day since reporting end of July. Their experience, plus the addition of two great new managers, has helped them go through this training camp with no problems.

They were perfect at Fort Huachuca, which is hard to do when they are responsible for so much. Each of them were on time each session and worked incredibly hard at all times. They made everything look so easy, even though it required a lot of hard work.

Even though they are tired, they continue to do a GREAT job for the Wildcats, even through this tough grind we are all in.

Below are some pictures from yesterday's practice:

Mike Harlow passes to DB's during individual drills for Coach Brown:

Mike Harlow has turned into quite the quarterback since Coach Brown has him passing during DB individual drills:

Jordan Bates hustles between periods as usual:

The managers, snap to quarterbacks, then shag balls from receivers each day during passing drills. They do a great job of doing this so practice keeps a good rhythm:

Managers do a tremendous job of working all of our passing drills:

Ben Hulka retrieving ball from player during inside drill:

Mike Harlow (with ball) and Ben Hulka hustle during inside drill:

Ryan Ewalt keeps stats on QB's and Receivers during all passing drills:

David Bodzin and Mike Baranowski work with QB's during passing drills:

Jack Banker hustling in loose balls during passing drills:

Michael Barnett and Mike Baranowski snap to QB's during one on one drills in red zone:

Mike Baranowski snaps to Matt Scott during one on one drills:

Jordan Gobel hustling to get ready for special teams:

In the three pictures below, Robert Lloyd catches up for kickers as they kick through the rugby goal on the south field at Rincon Vista:

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