Friday, September 3, 2010

We are in Toledo

We arrived on time yesterday and went straight to the stadium as usual. There were no surprises, as we found the locker room situation to be as bad as we were told by many Equipment Managers that had visited there before. It is small, cluttered, HOT with no moving air, not near enough electrical outlets for all the fans we brought, and on and on.

The good news is that the field looks like every other field we play on.

We are about to leave the hotel (10am local time) for a team walk thru at the Glass Bowl. Coach likes to get the guys out of the hotel and stretch their legs. With a local kickoff time of 8pm, it makes for a LONG day at a hotel.

I took 36 pictures yesterday, many of stadium and campus too, but this wifi in the room is taking forever to upload pictures. There is no outlet for plugging in to the internet, so I do not have time to post all the pictures right now.

At dinner last night, Tim, Benny and I were talking about how excited we are for the game tonight. It will be fun to see these guys play against someone other than themselves. We all agreed on one thing......these players have been well prepared by our GREAT coaching staff. Now it is up to the players to go out tonight and play hard and fast!

Enjoy a few pictures from yesterday below.

Ryan Ewalt putting up nameplates in the locker room:

Unloading the two trucks when we arrived:
Our truck backed in perfectly by Bob and Bob to our very small locker room:

The rocket right outside of our locker room. Some guy told us it is pointed directly at Bowling Green University????

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Eric Freed said...

The bowling green university 50 yard line.