Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Home Opener

We have closed the books on Toledo and we are getting ready for The Citadel!

The team has been practicing, and Tim, Benny and myself have been working on every single detail for each home game. Each Student Managers has detailed responsibilities for things that that need to be done before the team arrives, after the team arrives, during pre game, during the game, halftime, and post game.

Over the years, different things have come up on a game day and I have compiled a list of things that will and could happen, and we assign a manager to handle those things. Tim, Benny and I have gone over the list, looked at the list, and gone over it again. There is no substitute for preparation. The better prepared we are, and the more organized we are, the smoother and more fun games will be. There is nothing better than a stress-free game day.

Things really get going tonight after practice. We will start getting things moved over to the stadium and then in the morning we will start getting the locker room ready for Saturday!

We do so many things throughout the year, and all of that hard work and attention to detail is for 12 Saturdays and 1 bowl game, so we get excited about game days!!!!!

I was in the ticket office earlier today getting my season tickets for my wife, and the place was selling tickets left and right! I heard them saying that it was getting closer and closer to being a sellout!!!!!

There is a lot of excitement all over campus about this weekends game, but none are as excited as the football equipment staff.

I would like to thank Billy Worthington, one of our GREAT student managers who is from Scottsdale, for taking pictures of some of our AWESOME managers at practice yesterday.

Jordan is always ready to go at practice, especially during special teams:

Tanous and Jordan going over what is needed for special teams period:
Ryan Ewalt always charting the QB's and receivers every single period of every single day:

Ben Hulka running inside drill yesterday:

Mike Harlow getting chains ready for team period:

Ben Hulka and Mike Baranowski are either talking about what is coming up on the script, or what is going on back home in Chicago:

Michael Barnett fixing a chinstrap on a helmet during practice yesterday:

Jordan ready to put out cones for special teams:

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