Monday, September 27, 2010

Wildcats Comeback to Beat the Cal Bears

Well, I guess you could say the team survived a "let down game" this past Saturday night, as the Wildcats scored late in the game for a winning TD against the Cal Bears. Not to take anything away from the Bears, but the Wildcats played very poorly this past Saturday night, but found a way to win in the end to go to 4-0 on the season. Everyone is excited about having this weekend off as we have an open date this Saturday. We are not practicing today or tomorrow so the players can rest their legs and bodies, PLUS concentrate on academics.

We hope the managers can get some time off too, but we are working a few hours today just to get things checked in and properly put away as we always do on Mondays. Hopefully they will get all of tomorrow off???? One of the things we (student managers) are not taking off of this week is our weekly shoulder pad and helmet maintenance. Safety is always top priority.

I hate to say too much good things because I do not want to jinx us, but so far this season, the equipment staff is having a very smooth season. As I have mentioned before, since we have a strong veteran group back, we have a group that knows what it takes to get things done. One of the things that Tim, Benny and I are trying to do this season is to get some of the less experienced managers with more responsibilities, which includes traveling. We have to always look towards the future.

It will be fun to have the weekend off and be able to watch some other teams play. Looks like we have a good weekend to have off since there are some great games on tap for this weekend!

Our sports information department approached me towards the end of last week and asked if the local NBC affiliate, KVOA channel 4, could come by the stadium locker room to get some footage of the equipment staff working. They are doing a series of behind the scene stories related to Wildcat Football games in Arizona Stadium. The reporter and camera man told me that the story would be posted on their website, which is I am not sure when it will be there, but for any of you interested you can check their website.

Below are some pictures of our preparation for the Cal game.

The managers walk test the coaches sideline headsets way before the game starts to make sure there are no problems with frequencies:

Michael Barnett pushes a trunk out to the field for the game:

Jordan Gobel and Robert Lloyd test the coaches headsets:

Channel 4 did not miss a beat as they did a story on the behind the scenes work of the equipment staff:

Jordan Gobel test one of the headsets:

Robert Lloyd also checks to make sure that the ring down phones are properly working. The way these work is that as soon as someone picks up the phone, the other end of the line rings. Usually it is a coach in the pressbox calling down to talk to a player:

Robert Lloyd answering questions for Channel 4:

Billy Worthington making sure the air pressure is correct on all the balls used during pre game:

Benny Conger walk testing the Coach Comm system 4 to 5 hours prior to kickoff:

This past weekend, coaches across the nation wore patches to create an awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and their desire to find a cure for this disease.

Ben Hulka helping me put patches on the coaches shirts:

Mike Reed focusing on doing a great job of placing the patch on sleeves:

Jordan Bates making sure the officials have everything they need when they arrive to the stadium, including air pumps with air gauges on them:

Getting the officials locker room ready is one of responsibilities, and Jordan Bates is in charge of that duty:

Jordan putting out programs in the officials locker room before they arrived:

Channel 4 camera man did a lot of filming on Saturday before the team arrived:

Channel 4 doing their story on the behind the scenes as we prepare the locker room. Ben Hulka is writing our team countdown on the white marker board, which is one of his responsibilities:

There have been quite a few changes made this year, including making our team entry to the field even better than before!

Lots of enthusiasm in the stadium as our team comes onto the field against Cal:

Team listening to Coach Stoops after the game against Cal:

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