Monday, September 13, 2010

Wildcats Tame the Bulldogs

The Wildcats took care of the Bulldogs from the Citadel on Saturday night to improve their national ranking up to #18 in the coaches poll. This sets up a FUN match up this coming Saturday night against the #9 Iowa Hawkeyes in Arizona Stadium. This will be the second visit from the Hawkeyes in the 13 seasons I have been here. We beat them in 1998 here in Tucson in my first year as equipment manager for the Wildcats.

Once again, the managers worked extremely hard all week, and especially Saturday to make sure our coaches and players were ready and prepared! Other than some post game slip ups, we had a perfect day as far as the equipment staff goes. It doesn't matter how well prepared we are with list of responsibilities, just like the players, we still have to execute. Some of our guys got a little tired and lost focus after the game. We will definitely correct those mistakes. Just like the coaches and players, we as an equipment staff have to try and get better each week too.

Now all the excitement is on this Saturday night. It is always fun to be part of a big game, and one that is on national TV. ESPN will be carrying our game against the Hawkeyes. I have a feeling this week will go so slow!!!!!

Below are some pictures from this past game against the Citadel:

The managers start pulling jerseys over shoulder pads almost immediately once they arrive for work in the locker room:

Most of the time the managers have alot of fun together. You can see in the picture that they enjoy stories, most of the stories are from the night before, with one another while pulling jerseys:

Ryan Ewalt and Robert Lloyd pull jerseys when they got to work on Saturday:

Jordan Bates getting a pair of shoulder pads ready for a jersey:

Michael Barnett preparing a set of shoulder pads for a jersey to go on them:

Mike Harlow focuses on getting Conan's jersey just right for him:

John Landwehr makes sure that Vaughn Dotsy's jersey is properly taped to his shoulder pads for the game:

Ryan Ewalt sets up the Coach Comm system before each game up in the pressbox so our coaches can talk to the coaches on the sideline during each game:

Ryan has been doing this every year since he got here. He does an outstanding job with this responsibility.

Ryan is responsible for setting up the coaches box for Coach Comm before each game:

Ryan setting everything up so he can check the headsets 4 hours prior to kickoff:

Ryan giving a last minute check of all the headsets before he heads back down stairs to the locker room:

John Landwehr pushing one of his trunks to the sideline before the team arrived from the hotel:

Jordan Bates pushing one of his trunks to the sideline before the team arrives:

Jack Banker, setting up the kicking net before the game. One of his responsibilities.

How the players found the locker room when they arrived at the stadium for the game:

How the lockers looked after we were done setting up:

Nick Foles arriving at the stadium walking through the big crowd. This is a new tradition set up by our new AD, Greg Byrne, called the Wildcat Walk. It was INCREDIBLE. Players loved it!

Robert Lloyd doing so work BEFORE pregame:

Right before kickoff:

Zona Zoo is ready to rock!

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Kyle said...

why do some of the guys have two jerseys for games? one on their shoulder pads, and another one hanging, not on pads?