Friday, September 17, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Today was a lot of fun in McKale! Obviously the game tomorrow is exciting, but on most Friday's of home games, we get lots of visitors, and WE LOVE IT!!!!

For starters, my wife Cindy and I picked up very good friends, Jenny and Brad Wilson from Coulee Dam, WA. They are here to visit and watch the game. We are thrilled to have them stay with us at our house. I was very fortunate to have worked with Brad at Washington State University and here at UofA.

Then we got visits from Bryan Geisbauer and his wife from San Diego. Bryan is an alum of UofA and was our team host at the Holiday Bowl this past December. We also had Justin Wessel and his wife visit us. Justin is not only a GREAT guy, but a member of the NCAA Basketball Championship team and our last final four team.

Tim Pfennig had his wife and son, Logan visit us along with Tim's parents who are here visiting from Maryland. I think they are here to see Logan more so than the Hawkeye game.

Then we had a visit from members of the Pac 10 office. We have been working with this group for over a year on the new Pac 10 logo and how to make sure it is properly placed within our program. Along with our new commissioner Larry Scott, these guys have done a wonderful job since taking over the conference!!!! They are very hard working people and very dedicated to their jobs in the Pac 10 office.

They were nice enough to take a picture with our mannequin that is dressed up in what we are wearing tomorrow night against the Hawkeyes.

Brad Wilson from Coulee Dam, WA:

(From L to R): Heather Vaughan, Danette Leighton, and Chris Giles of the Pac 10 office:

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