Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Well, we celebrated Labor Day with some labor at 6am this morning! We will be back at 2pm today for our evening practice to start getting ready for The Citadel.

We can finally close the book on the Toledo Rockets game! All in all, I would say everything about the trip was a huge success! As mentioned before, there was a lot of hard work put in by everyone for that game, and that is why everything went so smooth and successful.

I am extremely excited to get back to McKale this afternoon to be with everyone for the excitement for our home opener. I just got off of the phone with The Citadel's equipment manager, and they will be arriving early Friday afternoon for our game on Saturday.

I will try to post some pictures and blog during the week leading up to the home opener.

Bob and Bob arrived early this morning back from Toledo with our team equipment. The managers arrived at 6am to unload the truck:
This is what the managers faced early this morning when they arrived at McKale to unload the truck and officially turn the page for The Citadel game:

Managers had smiles on their faces, and joy in their hearts bright and early this morning at 6am:

Jordan Bates backs a trunk down the ramp so he can take it down to storage room in McKale:

Jack Banker waits for his turn to get more equipment off of the truck:

John Landwehr brings a hamper and other miscellaneous items off of the truck:

David Bodzin brings some small duffel bags out of the truck:

Michael Barnett gets an assist from Bob Keith as he backs a trunk down the ramp:

Ben Hulka and Brandon Blumenfeld take items off of the truck early this morning:

What looks to be a run away hamper, one of the managers takes the player bags down to the locker room:

Brandon Blumenfeld unlocks each of the players lockers that traveled so we can unpack bags and put their equipment back in their locker for this afternoon's practice:

Managers set each player bag in front of player's locker to be unloaded:

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