Thursday, September 23, 2010

Equipment Room Gets Ready For the Bears

We are excited every day we come to work, but Thursdays during the season is when game excitement really starts! That is when we start doing specific duties that pertain to the game.

Tonight, after the players pack their bags, we will take everything over to the stadium. We will set the alarms and be ready to get to work at 8am to get each player ready for Cal

Mike Baranowski came in early today after his classes and started taping the players shoulder pads who use tape during the games. All the shoulder pads will be taped before practice starts today. We do not ever wear shoulder pads on Thursdays.

Below are some pictures of Mike taping a pair of shoulder pads:

Billy Worthington drives the gator with the field drains while Jordan Bates puts them on the drains before practice:

Jordan Bates puts a cover on one of the many drains between our two fields. We cover these drains with field turf cover for a smooth transition on the field; then we take them off so water can drain while we are not practicing:

Michael Barnett puts out pylons while Jordan Gobel drives the gator:

Michael Baranowski gets one of our clocks ready for practice:

Michael Barnett sets out the agile bags before practice today:

Jordan Gobel gets launch pad for todays practice:

Mike Baranowski puts the countdown clock control on top of one of the parked golf carts for optimal coverage to the clocks:

The managers check for proper air pressure before each practice every day:

We are responsible for putting Practice Closed signs on our gate each day:

Robert Lloyd puts a We Pack/U Pack list on a players locker while the team was practicing earlier today:

This is our We Pack/U Pack list for Cal Game on Saturday:

Robert Lloyd gets player equipment bags ready to put in front of each players locker that is dressing for the game Saturday:

Ben Hulka puts up a We Pack/U Pack list on a locker during practice:


LBoogie said...

What is the purpose for taping the pads?

NuJerzBullDog said...

they tape the pads to make the jersies fit tighter to the players pad and player, it make it harder for the opposition to grad and pull the jersey