Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Ready for the Hawkeyes

We had a GREAT practice yesterday, and the managers helped out alot by hustling and setting the tone for a great up beat practice before Iowa.

Of course, everyone is extremely excited about the game, so you can tell in everyone's enthusiasm each day at practice.

Enjoy some pictures from yesterday's practice:

Billy Worthington hustling for balls during routes on air:

One of the managers daily duties during individual passing drills, snapping balls to QB's:

Michael Barnett running and hustling as usual:

Mike Harlow running individual drills the first part of practice yesterday:

Managers hustling to get pop up dummys off of the main field after passing drills.

Jordan Gobel pulling a pop up dummy off of the field:

Michael Barnett getting a pop up dummy off of the field after passing drills during individuals:

Billy Worthington and Jack Banker carry over a pop up after passing drills:

Ben Hulka spotting balls during middle drill yesterday:

Hardest working coach in college football, Head Coach Mike Stoops running scout team during middle drill:

Mike Harlow and Ben Hulka shoot balls to receivers that are not involved with special teams:

Richard Morrison awaits a ball from the jugs machine:

Nice snag by Richard:

Managers work hard even if they are not directly involved with special teams:

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