Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Managers Continue to Work Hard

Hard to believe that we are a quarter of the way through our season, and with that and training camp, it is starting to feel like we have been at this for awhile! Being ranked as high as #14 and being 3-0 sure helps, but having great kids as student managers even helps more! Our guys are still working hard and seem fresh.

It has been very nice to play two home games in a row, but even more exciting to have a bye week after this third home game, only to be followed by ANOTHER home game. The schedule makers have been kind to the Wildcats!

Everyone is excited about opening up Pac 10 play, that also helps with the adrenalin. Below are some pictures of the team and managers working hard earlier today at practice, getting ready for the Cal Bears.

Coach Stoops was focused during practice today (as usual):

Jack Banker and Michael Barnett have chains ready to go for team period:

Robert Lloyd checks out the script for team period as he and Mike Baranowski run that drill today:

Ben Hulka working hard and hustling as usual:

Mike Baranowski and Ben Hulka hustle while running balls during team:

Ryan Ewalt catches for Matt Scott as he warms up to go in for team:

Managers not involved in special teams work with some players on catching balls for extra work:
Mike Harlow and other managers shoot balls to some Receivers during special teams:

Robert Lloyd catches up while managers use jugs machine during special teams:

Ryan Ewalt snaps to QB's during drills:

Ryan Ewalt and Jack Banker assist QB drills during special teams period:

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