Thursday, September 16, 2010

GREAT Thursday Practice

Today the excitement started to grow towards Saturday night's big showdown between two ranked teams in Arizona Stadium. As usual per each Thursday practice during season, we spent alot of time going over Special Teams, then a lot of polishing up on both offense and defense.

Some of the managers stayed inside today to get travel bags ready for the guys dressing for the game over at the stadium. Tonight we take everything over to the stadium so first thing tomorrow morning we can start bright and early getting each player's locker ready.

You know game time is getting close when the painters are painting the game field and there is a buzz in the stadium. ESPN started setting up today along with all of the other workers getting the stadium ready for a sellout crowd.

We had a busy week, but the week sure did seem to go SLOW! Everyone is ready for the game and the excitement is all over McKale and the athletic department.

Below are a few shots from practice earlier today.

Thursday's are always extra busy for one of our top managers, Jordan Gobel. She assist Coach Hammerschmidt with special teams each day during practice. Thursdays are always an emphasis on Special Teams:
Coach Chachere works with the returners during kickoff return:
Coach Hammer gives instructions to the special teams scout players earlier today during practice:

Coach Hammer giving instruction during kick off coverage portion of special teams practice:

Michael Barnett and Jordan Gobel wait to put another ball in play during special teams earlier today at practice:

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