Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time to get Focused on the Cal Bears

Well, the equipment staff worked hard all week to get the team ready for battle last night against the #9 Iowa Hawkeyes. The student managers work hard every week and focus on details each game to make sure the team looks good for games, but anytime the team plays on prime time national television they give it a little extra detail.

Not only did the team play well last night, but they looked really good beating the Hawkeyes. I was so proud of our coaches and players as they got a huge win for the program last night on ESPN, but I was also proud of our equipment staff too! They work very hard too, and that hard work paid off for us last night. Not only did the team play well, but everything went very smooth for the equipment staff.

Now it is time to get to work on preparing for the Cal Golden Bears. After a tough loss against Nevada this past Friday night, the Bears will come to Arizona Stadium wanting to knock us off! Just as we always do each day, the managers will try to set the tempo for practice by hustling during all the drills so the team can get as many reps as possible. Tempo is always important each day at practice, and the managers will have to focus on making sure they can do their part in helping the team have good practices.

It was a fun night last night, but the icing on the cake will be a win against our first Pac 10 opponent for 2010.

Below are some pictures of the hardest working equipment staff in the country.

David Bodzin cleans a pair of shoes yesterday as part of our checklist duties of things to do before the team leaves the hotel:

Brandon Blumenfeld gets a pair of shoes nice and clean for ESPN:
Mike Harlow and Mike Reed pull jerseys on to shoulder pads yesterday afternoon as part of our work in the locker room:

Jordan Bates pays close attention to details as he cleans and shines a pair of shoes for the game last night:

Jack Banker (left) and Michael Barnett make sure jerseys are properly put on the shoulder pads yesterday before the team left the hotel for the locker room:

Ben Hulka and Billy Worthington (visor) come into the the coaches locker room and get the two coaches trunks out of the locker room after I got the lockers set up:

Ben and Billy putting the coaches trunks on the Enterprise truck after I was done loading coaches gear out of them:

Billy Worthington making sure all the screws are tight on a helmet yesterday:

Michael Barnett doing some last minute checking and tightening on a helmet before the team leaves the hotel for the stadium:

Mike Harlow tightening up all the screws on Paul Vassallo's helmet before the game:

John Landwehr cleaning a pair of shoes before the team arrived:

Ben Hulka doing some last minute helmet work on some of his players:

Tim set up display racks so we could show the recruits the Nike gear we hand out to the team:

Tim putting out the game uniforms on the recruiting display:

This is the recruiting display that we showed the recruits before the team arrived in the locker room:

Skill players come out of the locker room for pre game last night:

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Patrick said...

What's the reason for not having white/red cleats?

Is it Nike only giving out one color, or is it equipment room space?