Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Have Arrived

Well, it is Christmas Eve, and we are in beautiful downtown San Diego at the lovely Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The trip out had no problems. We are all set and ready to go later today for our first practice since Monday. We will practice early afternoon at University of San Diego.

Our hotel is AWESOME, and to top it off, the Red Coats (volunteers that run this bowl) are INCREDIBLE. These guys know how to run a first class bowl. They worry all the time that the Arizona Wildcats are having a great time. That is what makes this bowl game so special.

On a personal note, what makes this week so special for me is that I get to work with the greatest people on earth. It starts with Tim Pfennig and Benny Conger. These two guys put up with so much having to deal with me. Then, the student managers have done a GREAT job this year. We have a really really great group of young adults. Also, our coaches and players are without a doubt the best group EVER; and that starts with Head Coach Mike Stoops! He doesn't like it when I tell him this, but he is the most genuine good man, with a huge heart, that I have ever worked with, and that is why our coaches and players are the way they are. Coach doesn't get enough credit for being the great man that he is, everyone just knows him as a great coach.

This week will be so much fun. I hope to have pictures and blogs all week. Thank you all for the very nice emails that you send me, it really helps motivate me to continue working on this blog.


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