Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Bowl ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was one of those great days as a Wildcat! Coach Stoops stated it better than anyone yesterday. He said it was very cool that we started this journey in Fort Huachuca with the Army soldiers in August, and we are ending it with Navy and Marine Corp soldiers at a great bowl game! I just think it is so cool that our football team can associate itself with our country's absolute best, the men and women of our armed forces.
Once again, the Red Coats of the Holiday Bowl did an outstanding job by putting together the Navy and Marine Corps Luncheon aboard the USS Makin Island Ship. This ship is an impressive assault ship that was commissioned just this past October 24, 2009.
Everything about this bowl game is so AWESOME, but for me, the highlight is this luncheon. It was that way for me 11 years ago, and it remains that way for me today. As I was talking to the coaches and players at practice yesterday, many of them feel the same way. It just seems to me that everything the Holiday Bowl people do is a HOME RUN.
Yesterday was our last practice at USD. I can not say enough about the AWESOME staff at that beautiful school, headed up by Andy Fee. It is one thing to have a beautiful facility that is more than functional, but then to top it off with people who truly care that their visitors have the best of the best! These guys are incredible! Just like the Red Coats, those guys at USD bent over backwards to make sure our experience was the absolute best, and man, did they succeed. They are a class act!!!!!
Today we are moving everything over to Qualcomm Stadium and begin setting up for tomorrow's big game. I can not believe how fast this time has gone. Bob and Bob will move the big rig over to Qualcomm after today's Kickoff Luncheon at the convention center.
The managers are handing out the game jerseys here at the hotel before the luncheon. After we get all the jerseys back, then we head over to Qualcomm.
The last thing I want to do is jinx a GREAT week, but so far this has been such a great experience. Tim Pfennig, with the help of Benny Conger and the 15 managers, have hit a home run every time they have stepped up to the plate! As I have mentioned before, Tim has been with me for 8 years, but only 2 with football. I moved him into that position when he had zero experience with football, and today he has become one of the best football equipment managers I have worked with, and I have had the privilege of working with many great ones! He and his guys have excelled all year!
Below are some pictures of yesterday's luncheon on the USS Makin Island:

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