Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introducing Two Great Groups

Today was a GREAT day. I can remember back when team pictures were an equipment managers nightmare! Players would come up and ask for all kinds of stuff.....wristbands, new shoes, etc. There are many things we love about our head coach, Mike Stoops, but probably the best thing is the great character type of kids he brings into our program!!!! Not one player came to the window for anything this morning to ask for anything.

This morning went incredibly smooth. We had a team picture at 10am, and were back over at McKale by 12:30 this afternoon after practice. Tim and I talk to recruits right after I get through with this blog. We have 6 really good looking recruits as our guest in the equipment room at 1:30.

I am really proud of the group picture of our equipment staff! This year has been a dream in terms of the student managers. We have had minimal problems and the credit goes to them and Tim Pfennig for a great season. The good news is that maybe all of them will be back for next season. Seems like each year we are surprised by one or two moving on to focus more on school, but we would be happy if all 15 came back. It is a tribute to them and their hard work that all of them will be going to San Diego for the bowl game.

So I introduce to you, two great groups of students, our players and managers:

2009 Football Equipment Staff. One of the best groups ever!
Me with two of the best assistants a guy could ever ask for: Tim Pfennig (left) and Benny Conger (center):
2009 Holiday Bowl bound Arizona Wildcats:

Best Director of Football Operations, Erick Harper; and one of the equipment room's favorite players, #24 Trevin Wade. Trevin is a frequent visitor to the equipment room, but rarely ask for anything.

Players heading back over to McKale to get ready for practice:

Some of the guys coming back over to McKale after the team picture:

Me and Mark Stoops before the team picture. We are sad to see him go to Florida State, but we are very happy for him too!

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Alex Parisi said...

Rumor has it Arizona will be sporting the classic white helmets for the Holiday Bowl. Is this true? (please tell me yes)