Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Bowl Christmas

Each morning, the Red Coats open up the Hospitality Suite at 7am for the Coaches and Football Staff and their families to enjoy some snacks, coffee and tea. This morning was especially awesome because the children were so fun on Christmas morning.

I have mentioned numerous times before just how AWESOME our football coaches are. Well, their families are exactly the same, AWESOME! The bowl games are so much fun because we all get to spend all week together.

The Hospitality Suite is an awesome way to start off each morning, being together. The Red Coats have coffee, tea and hot chocolate ready each morning. They even have juice too, along with breakfast snacks.

We are headed for USD in a few minutes for an afternoon practice, then back to the hotel for a very nice Christmas Dinner and Program this evening.

Will Stoops (Mark Stoops' son), Ally Dykes (Sonny Dykes' daughter), and Kate Dykes (Sonny Dykes' wife) enjoy the Christmas morning in Hospitality Suite:Mark Stoops' wife, Chantel (left), visits with Coach Mike Tuiasosopo's wife, Kathy:

Coach Seth Littrell:

Everyone having fun being together in Hospitality Suite:

Mark Stoops with his son Will, and Sonny Dykes with his daughter, Ally:

Coach Mark Stoops and his son, Will:

Coach Mike Tuiasosopo's baby son, Luke, being held by one of his daughters, Maya:

Will Stoops, Ally Dykes and her mom, Kate Dykes:

The families having a great Christmas morning together in the Hospitality Suite:
Coach Frank Buffano wishing everyone a Merry Christmas:

Benny Conger, Equipment Manager:
Strength Coach, Brian Odom's wife, Mackenzie holding their son, Ben:

Coach Frank Buffano's wife, Kelly, holding their daughter, Isabella:
Coach Seth Littrell and his wife, Becca:

Beautiful view of the Midway Air Craft Carrier from the Hospitality Suite:

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