Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had practice this morning at University of San Diego stadium earlier today, and then the team went to SeaWorld for the afternoon. This evening, Head Coach Mike Stoops and his wife Nicole treated the assistant coaches and those of us on the football staff to a very nice dinner in downtown.

Today was a GREAT day. Practice was awesome, and then we spent the afternoon visiting SeaWorld. Our team and Nebraska team were both guest today. The players, coaches and their kids, really seemed to have fun at the park.

Tomorrow we practice at the same time, then in the afternoon we go to the San Diego Zoo. Below are some pictures from earlier today.

Practice earlier today at BEAUTIFUL University of San Diego stadium:
Beautiful Press Box at University of San Diego stadium:

Director of Football Operations, Erick Harper at practice today

Mike Reed and Jordan Gobel get Jugs Machine ready:

Jeff Gallego working practice earlier today:

The two guys who really make things happen, Tim Pfennig and Benny Conger:

Mike Baranowski hustling at practice earlier today
Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld:

Some of our players talking with a Nebraska player:
Coach Mark Stoops and his son, Will at Shamu Stadium

Juron Criner:
From left to right: Donald Horton, Corey Hall, Xavier Kelly

From left to right: Brooks Reed, Rob Gronkowski, Orlando Vargas, Vaughn Dotsy, Chris Gronkowski.

Arizona players were all over SeaWorld along with Nebraska players:

From left to right: Jake Fischer, CJ Parish, Adam Hall, Robert Golden, Anthony Wilcox

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