Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, they said you will have nights like that, and man, did we have a night. What was a GREAT week in San Diego, with GREAT weather, turned into a rainy awful night at Qualcomm Stadium for the Wildcats.

The team charter arrived back in Tucson early this afternoon to a very nice warm sunny weather. As nice as our hotel was, and even with all the GREAT hospitality from the Red Coats, it is still nice to be sitting at home.

Below are pictures of our day yesterday at Qualcomm.

Jordan Gobel gets tape on shoulder pads:
Jordan Bates helps out with coaches locker room:
Jack Banker puts out game socks:
Billy Worthington puts out game socks:
Ben Hulka and Zac Risdon put out game pants:
Jordan Gobel sews patch on Earl Mitchell's jersey. We just got the patch the morning of the game. Earl was named Sholar Baller.

Billy Worthington puts out game pants:

Willie Salzman pulling a jersey before the team arrived:

Zac Risdon putting out game pants in lockers:

John Landwehr pulling a jersey of a pair of shoulder pads:

Ben Hulka working out of the make shift equipment room in the showers before the game:

Mike Harlow helping out with coaches:

Jordan Gobel getting players lockers organized:
Ben Herman, equipment manager at University of San Diego, helped us out on game day:
Michael Barnett helping me out with the coaches locker rooms:
Jeff Gallego helping out Keola Antolin with his pads:

Tim Pfennig helping out Chris Gronkowski with his jersey and pads:

Jeff Gallego and other managers took the blue helmets out of the players lockers and put them in a cart:

Blue helmets put in the cart so we could put them on the truck before the team arrived:

How the lockers looked before the team arrived:

The much anticipated white helmet:

Team leaving field after pregame:
Team in locker room before kickoff:

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Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Arizona Wildcats, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.