Monday, December 21, 2009

Lots of Preparation Goes Into a Bowl Game

One of the things I have always believed in is doing as much work in house as possible. There are a couple of reasons I feel strongly about that. One is that we should have much more pride in the work, as opposed to someone in town that does it for a business. Also, this allows us the control of time and quality.

We have done a lot of preparation work for our upcoming bowl trip to San Diego. Below, you will see pictures of us making our own nameplates for the locker rooms in San Diego, and you will also see that we did all the sewing of the patches on our game jerseys. When I say "we", I should have said Jordan Gobel, our first year manager from Illinois. She does fantastic work all the time, and for consistency purposes, she did all the patch work herself. As usual, she did a masterful job!!!!

Tim Pfennig helps cut locker nameplates for the bowl trip:
Jeff Gallego enjoys his work always, as he seems to enjoy cutting nameplates for the Holiday Bowl trip:
Jeff makes sure each locker nameplate is cut perfectly:

We made each Holiday Bowl nameplate in house. We did one for the practice lockers at USD, and for Qualcomm stadium on gameday:

Managers put all the nameplates in a stack in numerical order once it was ready:
Jordan Gobel pins each patch on a jersey before she sews it on permanently:

Jordan did a GREAT job of making sure all the Holiday Bowl patches were sewn on properly:

Jordan did all the sewing on the Holiday Bowl patches:

Jordan making sure the patch is just right before she sews it on:

Our white jersey's with Holiday Bowl patches on them:

Devin Ross' Holiday Bowl jersey on the hanging rack:

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