Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Truck is Leaving Tonight!

Well, we are getting close! As of right now, we have the team stuff on the truck and right now we are waiting on players and coaches to bring the luggage that we will take to their rooms in the morning before the team charter arrives in San Diego.

Tim Pfennig deserves so much credit for the success of this process so far. He does an outstanding job of attending to every detail. He and the rest of the staff have stepped up big time!

I hope to blog each day from San Diego. Thank each and everyone of you who read this blog. I have received many emails from you and I appreciate all of your support and kind words.

In the meantime....BEARDOWN!

As you can see, the truck will be full by the end of the day!
Mike Reed and Robert Lloyd get hand shields off of the gator and onto the truck:

Mike Baranowski puts the QB nets onto the truck:

Tim Pfennig uses the checklist to make sure every single item makes it to San Diego:

As you can see, we take quite a bit of field equipment to San Diego for practices at University of San Diego:

Robert Lloyd gets one of our jugs machines ready for the truck:

Robert Lloyd and Mike Reed get field equipment, including generators, onto the truck:

Ryan Ewalt and Billy Worthington push player bags onto the truck:

Managers get all the field equipment ready to put on the truck:

Michael Barnett and Mike Harlow push player bags onto the truck:
Mike Baranowski and Billy Worthington put chutes in the truck:

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Eric Freed said...

Any clear pictures of the "new helmets"?