Thursday, December 3, 2009

Truck Leaves for Hollywood Tonight

With each Thursday during the season comes the beginning of excitement for the upcoming game! Today is no different. You can sense it in the locker room with the players, you can feel it with the added work in the equipment room, especially before a road game.

Bob Keith and Bob Caprari, the two best truck drivers in the history of the world, take off tonight with all the necessary equipment for the game this Saturday with the USC Trojans. We will be loading up Thirty something trunks this evening, along with the player bags for the game.

I mention all the trunks because this weekend we will be having representatives from Olympic Case meeting us at the Coliseum tomorrow evening. They are working with us for the entire weekend so they can see first hand how we use the trunks. Plus, we are hoping they can see what we do and have suggestions and designs on how we can be more efficient. Anyway, we are extremely happy about having them with us for the weekend.

Enjoy some pictures from earlier today while the manages set up the practice field for practice today.

Zack Risdon puts out the signs on the entrance gates each afternoon before practice:
Zack Risdson checks all the balls and ball bags before practice this afternoon:

Willie Salzman putting out cones for today's practice:
Michael Barnett puts out pylons for today's practice:

Willie Salzman, working as usual:

Mike Baranowski gets the clock set up properly for practice times and schedule for the day:

Willie Salzman gets the pop up dummy out of the shed where we store our field equipment each night:

Mike Baranowski and Michael Barnett use the gator to set up the field this afternoon for practice:

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