Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Beat Goes On

We are getting very close to heading for San Diego! Tim Pfennig, Benny Conger, the 15 managers, and more, have worked very hard to have everything organized and ready to load on the truck.

There is many moving parts in a project like this. Moving an entire team for a week of practice away from home takes a lot of effort. We are getting close to loading up the truck.

The managers even help out with laundry when needed. Here, Willie Salzman does a load of towels in the washing machine:
As mentioned many times on this blog, we use a checklist for EVERYTHING, and here, Mike Reed is making sure every player has a cold weather long sleeve top:

Mike Reed is responsible for the cold weather trunk, so he is making sure everything is well organized:

The red cold weather sleeves go into the trunk:

Tim ordered these tags from ULine, but they do not come with the elastic band on them, so the managers had to put them on:

We have over a thousand red and a thousand blue luggage tags ready for when people bring their personal luggage to the semi truck later today: Players names will go on the blue tags, and coaches and football staff will use red. We then print out labels with each persons name so their is no guessing on the printing of the name, then stick that label on these tags, then put on the truck.

Ben Hulka works on player's luggage tags. Again, we in house make all of our luggage tags:

Jordan Gobel gets red sleeves ready for the trunk. Weather.com says the temperatures could require long sleeves for practice and game.

Robert Lloyd does some last minute checking of his trunk that he is responsible for:

We added the bowl logo on the coaches shirt sleeve. Walt's Distributors did the embroidery work for us.

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Mal said...

The rumors are true then about busting out the white helmets?