Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another GREAT Day to be a Wildcat

Yesterday was another great practice over at Salpointe. Bowl practices are so much different than normal practices during the season. There seems to be more spirit and excitement, and the stress level seems much lower. I feel certain that once we hit San Diego it will seem much more like game week.

We are about to leave McKale Center for Salpointe High School this morning for a 10am practice. Today will be a busy day for us in the equipment room. We still have preparation work to do for our trip to San Diego.

Enjoy some pictures from yesterday's practice:

Willie Salzman hustling as usual:
Mike Reed and Ben Hulka clearing the Agile pads after Linebacker drills:
Robert Lloyd working hard to keep drills going in a timely manner:

Mike Harlow catching up for the defense during drills:

Managers do a little work during pre-practice:

Managers snapping to QB's:

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