Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Game Day is Here

Well, you can feel the excitement. All of us are extremely excited about the game against the Huskers tonight, but it is starting to sink in too that we have to pack up the hotel room tonight after the game so we can go back to Tucson tomorrow.

As I have stated all week, this Holiday Bowl has been extraordinary! Everything has been perfect and fun. I know the coaches, players and managers have all told me that this week has been a blast.

The managers have worked very hard, and they have done a great job! Yesterday morning they loaded up everything at USD and then after the luncheon, we moved in to the locker rooms at Qualcomm.

We will leave the hotel this morning at 11:30 for the stadium. All of us are very excited about the day!

Enjoy some pictures from yesterday's events:

Entrance into Qualcomm Stadium with sign saying the game is SOLD OUT:
Me with Nebraska legendary coach, Tom Osborne:
Scene at the really nice Holiday Bowl luncheon:

Benny Conger, Tim Pfennig, and his wife, Jenny at the Holiday Bowl luncheon:

Players turning in their jerseys to the managers at the convention center after the luncheon:

Nebraska's equipment truck:
Bob and Bob doing their GREAT work. These guys are the BEST!

Our truck getting situated at loading dock at Qualcomm:

Michael Barnett getting player bags into the locker room area at Qualcomm:

Michael Barnett excited about being in Qualcomm at the Holiday Bowl:

Lockers in the coaches area:

Mike Harlow and Benny Conger putting up name plates in defensive locker room:

One of two coaches locker rooms at stadium:

Getting everything in the locker room at Qualcomm:

Willie Salzman working in Qualcomm locker room yesterday:

Zac Risdon carrying in player bags at Qualcomm:

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