Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Bowl Bound

I will write more later, but I have to go to a Holiday Bowl meeting upstairs for now. I will add more later.....

Well, I am back from the bowl meeting so I will write a little more about the game yesterday in the Coliseum.

It was a very quick trip to Los Angeles this weekend. I didn't even get to my room until almost 10:30 pm on Friday night and had a 4:45 wake up call for the next morning. We got to work at 6am on game day. We were home in Tucson by 9pm.

Once again, as usual, Tim, Benny and the managers were awesome. Other than the visitor locker room facilities, the trip was a huge success. The locker room is poorly designed and creates a lot of crowded situations. The defense had to meet in the training room during halftime, and there is not really a decent place for coach to address the whole team. The story goes that Al Davis designed the visitors locker room to be like this so it would be very uncomfortable for the visiting teams.

Once again, we had some extra help for the weekend. Ben Stanton and Otis Jackoboice of Olympic Case were there every step of the way to lend us a hand. They represent the BEST trunk and case company out there! They were a huge help, especially following the game when they helped push all the trunks to the truck. Not only are their trunks AWESOME, they are great guys too!!!

The game was great too. Obviously, the win was huge as it put us in second place in the league and to play in the Holiday Bowl against Nebraska. It is also huge to get a win in the Coliseum.

I leave Tuesday with Director of Football Operations, Erick Harper, for a visit to San Diego and look at practice facilities and what our options are. It also helps plan for a better and more smooth trip for the team.

I look forward to reporting on all of our activities leading up to and while we are at the bowl game in San Diego.

The two equipment trucks:

Tim Pfennig putting out game pants early Saturday morning:
Willie working hard as usual:

Managers worked hard as usual, but this time they were rewarded with a big win from the players and coaches:

Mike Reed and Ben Hulka get the helmets right:

How the locker room looked when the players arrived:

Lockers before we started work on Saturday morning:

Willie Salzman and Ben Hulka pull jerseys before the game:

Ryan Ewalt putting out game pants before the game:

Coliseum equipment room set up for the team arrival:

Jordan Bates enjoying his work before the team arrives from the hotel:

Players getting ready in CROWDED locker room before the game:

Long time USC equipment manager, now with the new UFL, Dino Dennis, came over to say hello:

Former All American, Rob Waldrop was on the sideline for the game:
One of the all time great Wildcats and all around GREAT guy, Ricky Hunley:

Even all the USC tradition wasn't enough to fight off (not on) the Wildcats!

Team huddled up to start the fourth quarter, and what a quarter it was!

Colin Baxter and Brooks Reed after the game:

Mark Stoops giving Donald Horton a big hug after the game:

Coach Stoops leaving the field after the hard fought victory. The Equipment Staff has officially cast their vote for Mike Stoops, Pac 10 Coach of the Year!!!!!

I snap a lot of pictures over a year, but this one was one of my favorites! Final Score

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grasshopper said...

Man, this is extremely kick !ss. It's fun to look inside what goes on behind the scenes. I've always wondered just what exactly goes on during "Game Day". Thanks.