Monday, December 21, 2009

More Bowl Preparation

Also today, we are numbering our game socks for the game. Many people think that taking the time to heat press legible numbers on socks are a waist of time, but at least you can read the numbers on them. Some times people write very sloppy on socks or other garments and you can't tell if the number is a four, seven or nine!!! This way there is no guessing, plus, why not take your time and do things first class and professional!

Also, because USD does not provide towels while we use their facility, we are having to take towels for the players and coaches. Again, we take the extra time and fold towels in counts of twenty and shrink wrap them so they store easier. That way we can count how many bundles we have ready to go, instead of having to count and re-count all the time.

We use a checklist for EVERYTHING. Here is the Red/White Game Socks checklist:
Jordan Gobel lays the numbers on the socks before Jeff Gallego prints them:
Jordan Gobel prepares the socks with numbers before Jeff Gallego prints them:

We use a Stahl's heat press machine to put our numbers on the game socks:

This is how the game socks look after being numbered:

We are packing game socks in the uniform trunk:

Ben Hulka and Robert Lloyd fold coaches hand towels for the bowl trip:

We get all of our shrink wrap from ULine Distributors:

Ben puts the coaches hand towels in the shrink wrap:

Ben gets the towels and shrink wrap ready for the heat gun:

Using the blower from ULine, we shrink the wrap so the towels will be easier to store and carry:

Ben blowing heat on the shrink wrap so it will compress and be ready for storage:

Coaches hand towels finished product, ready for the hamper:

Coaches towels ready for semi truck in the morning:


kabbey520 said...

What color pants are we wearing? Also can we see the white helmets???

Thanks, your site is awesome!

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