Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Great Weekend of Recruiting and Practice

We completed another practice earlier today over at Salpointe High School. Now we take a few days off from practice so the players and managers can focus on final exams. Also, many of the coaches will be out of town recruiting. By the way, recruiting has really picked up. I know our coaches are thrilled with how recruiting is going right now.

Things are really starting to come together in terms of bowl week itinerary. Erick Harper, Director of Football Operations, has been working non stop in getting things organized. Now we can start tying up loose ends on our side of things.

Below are some pictures from our practice earlier today.

Mike Harlow going to his second bowl game in only two years as a manager:
Jordan Bates also going to his second bowl game in his second year as a manager:
Jeff Gallego catching balls so he can snap balls to the QB's:

Ben Hulka throwing balls on the ground so the LB's can practice scooping up the loose ball:

Managers doing a great job of keeping the drill going, even though there are balls everywhere:

Michael Barnett chasing balls on the ground:

Managers snapping balls and keeping the drill running quickly and smoothly:
Managers snapping balls to the QB's during routes on air:

Willie Salzman headed to his second bowl game:
Mike Baranowski, headed to his first bowl game in his first season as a manager:

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