Friday, December 4, 2009

USC Trojans Game for the Holiday Bowl

Well, after last nights game, the Civil War, it appears that if we win the game against the mighty Trojans, there is a good chance we go to the Holiday Bowl to play Nebraska. This has been an exciting year and has been fun being in such big games at the end of the season. A second place finish in this conference this year would be huge. We just have to focus on beating the Trojans.

Speaking of the Trojans, I got the idea of doing this blog from reading the USC Trojans student manager blog over a year ago. It also use to be with blogspot like this one, but recently they changed over to wordpress.

I have always thought they do a good job with their blog, so if any of you are interested in seeing what they are up to you can find their blog at:

I hope to have pictures from today's work at the coliseum up tonight, but as usual, no promises. It is going to be a jammed pack weekend with not much free time. We will get in to LA around 5:30 this afternoon and then go straight to the LA Coliseum. We will work there for about an hour or two then go to dinner. I may not get to my hotel room until almost 10pm. It looks like we will be leaving the hotel in the morning at 6am for a local 12:30pm kickoff. We are due back into Tucson Saturday evening. We will be in LA for only about 24 hours.

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Brian Wagner said...

This is Brian, the student manager from USC who operates our blog.

Thanks for the shout out! I REALLY like your blog too; it's great to see how everyone else operates...

Good luck tomorrow!