Monday, November 2, 2009

Homecoming Week!!!!!

This is a very exciting week for many reasons. We get to play a game again! We have got many former players and managers scheduled to come to the game for Homecoming.

I get really excited because we are playing the WSU Cougars! I spent 9 seasons with them as their equipment manager, and went to a Rose Bowl game as a Cougar. Plus, my brother, Milton, is their equipment manager now and I get to spend some quality time with him during the weekend.

Looks like the team is getting back into the groove out on the practice field today. Enjoy some pictures from practice earlier today down below.

Willie Salzman, and other managers, hustle to get the pop up dummies off of the field:
Zack Risdon hustles to get DB chutes off of the field after individual drills:
Managers get organized so they can snap balls to the QB's during passing drills:
Action during passing drills:

John Landwehr, who works with the Offensive Line and Coach Bedenbaugh, plays QB during blocking drills:
John Landwehr catches a snap from Colin Baxter during O Line drills:

Jeff Gallego and other managers snap balls to the QB's:

Michael Barnett getting a pop up off of the field so we can practice special teams:

Michael Barnett and Jordan Bates ready to snap to the QB's:

Mike Baranowski rounding up balls from the WR's so he can give them to the managers snapping:
Jack Banker rounding up balls for managers snapping to QB's:

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