Thursday, November 19, 2009

ESPN College Gameday Shows Up Today

Obviously, there is quite a buzz on campus with the announcement of ESPN College Gameday being here for the Oregon game on Saturday. I thought I would throw some pictures on today's blog.

ESPN College Gameday taking over the Mall today:
Suzy Mason (woman in light blue) overseeing the set up of College Gameday on the Mall with her assistant Dick Bartsch in the golf cart:

Lot of offloading today on the Mall for College Gameday set up:

Part of the desk coming off of the semi trailer for the set of gameday:

College Gameday field set up on the mall. You can see the set and student union in the background:

Benny making sure the field turf is appropriate:
Gameday, built by HOME DEPOT! They have the tent to prove it:

They set the stage up right on the mall next to the student union:
The set, or stage, is waiting on the desk.....and the talent:

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