Friday, November 27, 2009

We Are In the Locker Room

Tim, Benny and I left McKale this afternoon with 12 of the managers for Tempe. We left three behind with the team to run the walk through practice at Jiminez Practice Facility at 3pm. They will ride the buses with the team after dinner in the Arizona Stadium Club in Tucson. They will not arrive in Phoenix until a little later tonight.

Because the game is so close to Tucson, we are able to bring as many managers that would like to work the game. All 15 managers signed up to work the game. Even though we can only officially bring 5 of them (like normal), we tell them if they would like to "volunteer" they are welcome to work the game, but they have to realize working the game means they have to work as if they were "official". Luckily, we have GREAT managers and all of them wanted to be part of the team tomorrow!

As I mentioned in earlier blog, Sun Devil Stadium is an AWESOME venue for the visiting teams. The facilities are extremely nice and roomy, the customer service is second to none, but what I like the most is the security. With two people getting through security at the Whitehouse earlier this week, I hate to say all security is perfect, but I feel very good about security at Sun Devil Stadium.

We were able to get enough work done this afternoon that we do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to start work tomorrow. Of course it helps having the extra help too. The main reason we have to get their early tomorrow is to get Coach Comm set up early enough to claim frequencies.

Enjoy some pictures from work earlier today at Sun Devil Stadium:

Bob and Bob got the truck to the stadium this afternoon around 2pm:
Brophy Prep alum, Billy Worthington putting out laundry bags. Billy is our only Phoenix area manager on the staff:

Willie Salzman working on helmets, making sure all the screw are nice and tight for the game:

Mike Reed getting a screw driver out of his fanny pack:

Nice to have so many managers helping out on the road:

John Landwehr helping out by putting out player's laundry bags in their lockers:

Ben Hulka tightening up all the screws on the helmets:

Jordan Gobel, working hard as usual, polishing up a helmet. This is her first official road trip as a manager, which she really deserves!

Jeff Gallego working hard at cleaning a pair of shoes:

Ryan Ewalt getting ready to open up the buggy with all the laundry bags in it:
Coaches locker room before I set it up tomorrow morning:

Benny found a locker that would not open:
Benny and the managers work hard this afternoon to set up the locker room:
Jordan Bates loading laundry bags in player's lockers:

Michael Barnett, working hard with a small on his face! This is his first official road trip as a manager, and it is well deserved:

Nice big locker room; this is a before picture with all the trunks in the way:
Jack Banker cleaning a pair of shoes:
Sun Devil Stadium's visitor's locker room is very well designed and very spacious with nice large lockers:

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