Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Veterans!!!!!

Just want to thank all of the Men and Women who are serving, or have served in our military for their sacrifice and service to our country! You are the BEST!

We had a GREAT practice today. The managers came in early today (10am) because there were no classes. It allowed us to do some mid season cleaning and organizing. We are now ready to load the truck up tomorrow night.

Enjoy some pictures from today's practice:

Managers snapping balls to QB's, and shagging balls thrown from 5 QB's:
Ben Hulka running drills for the Linebackers during individual period:
Ben Hulka assisting Coach Tim Kish and Linebackers during individual drills:

Mike Harlow working with Defensive Coordinator, Mark Stoops, during practice:

Michael Barnett shagging balls during passing drills:

Michael Barnett putting cones away and gathering up balls after passing drills:

Jack Banker shagging balls during passing drills:

Jack Banker putting balls away after passing drills:

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