Friday, November 27, 2009

Headed Up the Road

We are loading up the truck this morning, and around noon we will leave for ASU to set up the locker room at Sun Devil Stadium this afternoon.

I will try to upload some pictures of today's events later on this evening.

This is always a fun trip for me because the accommodations at Sun Devil Stadium are AWESOME, and their equipment staff bends over backwards to take care of their visitors. I know this because I have been going there for over twenty years. Heck, I even went there in the late 70's for a game when I was with the University of Houston. They were even First Class back then.

I know, I know. Many Wildcat fans do not like anything nice being said about ASU, but the truth is the truth. They have First Class facilities, and they treat their guest First Class too, even if you are a Wildcat, or a Cougar or anything else.

Back when Mike Chismar was running the equipment room, he always ran it First Class. Now he is running the whole show as Senior Associate AD, and now Mark Zimmer is continuing the tradition as Head Equipment Manager. He and his assistant, Paul Lopez do a fantastic job of taking care of the visiting teams. Actually, we are very lucky in the Pac 10, as most of the equipment staffs do a great job at that.

This game is special because of the rivalry, but it is especially special to me because of Paul Lopez being there. I was lucky enough to work with Paul at Washington State University years ago, and really lucky and honored to be his best man in his wedding. He is like a brother to me. He and I have been rivals now for 12 years.

Simply put, there is NO HATE for me when it comes to ASU!!!! But believe me, I want to win this game in the worst way tomorrow.

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