Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rough Night in Berkeley

Other than the outcome of the game, a crummy locker room, and the fact we couldn't get our truck anywhere close to the locker room after the game and had to push trunks and carry bags a long ways......everything was GREAT.

Once again, Tim, Benny and the managers did an outstanding job on this trip. What was real nice was the extra help we go from a fellow co-worker and two UofA alums that live in the Bay Area. These guys helped run balls during the game, but were tons of help pushing trunks down to the field before the game, and after the game taking everything out to the truck that wasn't anywhere close to our locker room. Ed Garland and his staff ALWAYS do a great job of accommodating us and every team that visits them, but there was nothing they could do because of the construction going on around their stadium. Thank goodness we had extra help!

We had extra help for the game. (left to right): Jeff Cohn, former co-worker with me at WSU; Greg Clifton, UofA alum, and Ryan Bertapelle, UofA alum. All three live in the Bay Area.
Me and Jeff Cohn:

One of the best guys in the league, Dave Moosman, Cal equipment manager:

A look at the locker room before the team arrives:

Benny Conger getting our clock to work properly. Benny is so valuable!!!!!

Benny getting the clock hung in the coaches locker room:

Ben Hulka writing the schedule on the marker board:

Ben Hulka getting things done before the team arrives:

Good thing we pack our own hooks in Trunk 3:

Ryan Ewalt getting balls ready for the game and pregame:

Ryan Ewalt airing up balls for pregame:

Memorial Stadium:

Current Pressbox, which is HORRIBLE, and as you can see, two cranes for their renovation project.

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