Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh So Close!

Well, things did not end up as we had hoped and worked hard for, but at least we still have two games left! Sometimes it just seems like you don't get any breaks in a game, and that is how it felt Saturday night. Oregon is a great team, but it took them playing a GREAT game, and getting all the breaks for them to beat us.

As usual, Tim, Benny and the managers did an AWESOME job of getting the team and locker room ready for the game.

The place was packed and the crowd was awesome. It was exciting times and was fun having all the attention focused on the game. It was just a bummer having the game end the way it did. Oh well, now it is time for two more exciting games.

Gameday bus was parked right outside of Oregon's locker room:

The Gameday crew was able to witness a great game:

Billy Worthington tightening all the screws on the helmets:

Willie Salzman working hard as usual:

Zack Risdon cleaning a pair of shoes:
Mike Reed making sure jersey is right on the shoulder pads:
Managers worked hard getting the locker room right before the team arrived:

Robert Lloyd making sure shoes are nice and clean:

Ben Hulka making sure the facemask are tight:
Mike Harlow getting R.J. Young's locker right:

Mike Harlow cleaning shoes before the team arrives:

Jordan Gobel getting helmets ready before the game:

Jordan Bates working hard as usual, and double checking the checklist:

Jeff Gallego gets the officials locker room ready before they arrive:

Team buses pull up right to the back door of the locker room:

Coach Stoops with Lisa Salters right before kickoff:

Governor parked right outside of our locker room:

Our Governor was at the game to support the Cats:

Team came out ready to play:

Myself and Terry Swartz of Nike before the game:

Zona Zoo was at the game in full force:

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