Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Manager Spotlight, Mike Reed

One of the most intelligent student managers I have ever worked with is Mike Reed from Alamo, California. The Bay Area Senior is also one of our best leaders.

One of Mike's big responsibilities on the practice field is coordinating all of our Special Team drills for Coach Jeff Hammerschmidt. We always put one of our best managers on this duty because it takes great organizational skills and attention to detail. Mike has really excelled in this role. We have had many good ones doing this job, and Mike is one of the best.

He also works with Coach Hammerschmidt with the Defensive Ends. As you can see in some pictures below, he sometimes plays running back for coach so the ends can key on his moves. He will also go with the specialist over to the stadium and assist them while the rest of the team is doing team drills.

As I mentioned earlier, Mike is a very smart young man. Just a week or two ago, I walked out to see how the managers were doing setting up the practice field, and Mike had one of our new scoreboard clocks taken apart and working on some things inside the box. To my surprise, he had everything under control and fixed!

His favorite meal is In and Out burger with animal fries. He enjoys playing video games and playing intramural football. He listens to Classic Rock music, with his favorite band being AC/DC. His favorite team, other than the Wildcats, are the San Francisco Forty Niners.

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