Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wildcats get by the Cougars

The hardest thing I had to do this week was trying to find words to say to my brother, and his assistant, Josh Pietz after the game. I think it is pretty obvious that the Cougs are in the middle of a tough rebuilding project, and playing many young unexperienced players right now. The Wildcats seemed to be clicking on all cylinders which made for a pretty lopsided victory. Winning is so much fun, but it was tough seeing so many people I care about going through what they are going through.

It was GREAT being able to see and visit my brother Milton this weekend! He and I were able to work together at Wazzu for about 7 years, until I left there to come here. Milton and his assistant Josh do a tremendous job at what they do!!!!! Not to mention they are both fun guys to be around. My brother may be the funniest person I know. I laughed more this weekend than I have laughed in a long time.

Yesterday we got to work at 7:30am and started the day off right by having some breakfast burritos from El Saguarito Mexican Food Restaurant!!!!! There is NO WAY a person can start their day off any better than that. I can't thank my buddy Albert Vasquez enough for his generosity. He has always taken care of the Wildcats!!!!!

This homecoming weekend was a huge success in many ways, but getting our sixth win was the best part of it all. Now we have a lot of work to do for these next four games, of which 3 of them are on the road! Bob and Bob, our truck drivers, are probably ready to hit the road again after a month at home! They will leave Thursday evening for Berkeley.

Tim and I are going in later today to talk to our recruits that are in town this weekend. We generally talk to them before home games in the locker room, but with an earlier than normal kickoff, we are doing it today. Oh well, the week can't get started soon enough, as there is a lot of excitement around McKale. This past week will be tough to beat!

Enjoy some pictures from yesterday:

My brother Milton and I before the game:Michael Barnett pushes a trunk to the sideline for the game:
Robert Lloyd (left) and Mike Baranowski (right) walk test the coaches headsets:

Mike Baranowski(left), and Robert Lloyd (right) check out the coaches headsets and belt packs:

Jack Banker sets out the white marker boards on the defensive bench:

Jack Banker gets the kicker's net set up before the game:
Managers work hard to get the sideline communication system set up. Jordan Bates makes sure the ringdown phone is working properly:

Wille Salzman goes through the balls bags before pregame:

Willie Salzman rolls out the special teams launch pad as part of his pregame duties:
Billy Worthington pushes a trunk to the sideline for the game:

(left to right), Mike Harlow, Willie Salzman and John Landwehr wait for the coaches to get to the sideline before the game so they can give them their headsets:

Robert Lloyd and Ryan Ewalt wait to give headsets to their coach before the game:

Nick Foles warming up before the game:

Team taking the field:

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James Kelley said...

why does Wazzu have two sets of helmets? seems like a waste of money since they don't sell them as much as alt jerseys.

other than a one time thing like this