Thursday, November 5, 2009

Homecoming is Getting Close

It is Thursday evening, and the Homecoming weekend and big football game with the WSU Cougars is getting close and the excitement is growing.

Tim, Benny and the managers are moving everything over to the stadium as I blog right now. As soon as I get done blogging, I am going to go watch our Women's Basketball team play in their first game (exhibition). I can smell the popcorn popping right outside my office in the McKale hallway.

Thursday's are always when the excitement begins, but this Thursday was even more special today. Our Athletic Director, Jim Livengood, held a press conference to announce a major gift of 10 Million Dollars that will go towards our new North End Zone project over at the football stadium. He also introduced the very generous donors, Jeff and Sharon Stevens.

We have also heard from numerous former managers that plan on stopping by to see us this weekend. All in all, it should be a great weekend!!!!

I also posted a couple of pictures of our new pride and joy in the equipment room.....a painting from David Stoops. David has followed this blog for a long time and seems very interested in our Wildcats. He should, because he is the cousin of Mike and Mark Stoops. He was nice enough to do the painting and send it to us to hang in our room. We can't thank him enough for the very nice gesture!!!!!!

One of our blog followers, David Stoops, is an artist and cousin of our Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator, Mike and Mark Stoops. We have proudly displayed this painting in our equipment room!

This is a close up of our AWESOME painting sent to us by David Stoops:

The managers went in to the locker room to get the pads that need to have tape put on them this morning:
Robert Lloyd gathers up the shoulder pad tape from Creative Football Concepts for the game:

Zack Risdon came in early today to help with shoulder pad taping:

Robert Lloyd working hard putting shoulder pad tape on pads today:

Ben Hulka earlier today putting shoulder pad tape on a pair of shoulder pads:

Jeff Gallego gets our Uniform trunk packed today:

Mike Harlow came in early today to make sure each player and coach has a valuable bag for the game Saturday:

Mike Harlow is responsible for packing Trunk 24, which is our valuables trunk:

These are our valuable bags from Buck's Bags in Boise Idaho. They are the BEST bag company in the WORLD!

Did I mention Homecoming, Buffalo Bills player and former Wildcat, Marcus Smith, is in town for the game this weekend. As you can see, Coach Edmond is still coaching him up!

Willie Salzman studying the offensive script during special teams period at practice today:

Mike Harlow, Michael Barnett, and Mike Baranowski clear the yard line markers from the field after practice:

Jordan Bates clearing the field after practice today:

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