Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Manager Spotlight, Willie Salzman

To me, one word describes Willie Salzman.......PASSION. Whether it is his Wildcats, the Bay Area, or Google, he is extremely passionate about it!

I love being around Willie! He absolutely love the University of Arizona and the Arizona Wildcats. If you want to get him excited, just start talking about Wildcat Football.

He works with the offense and the receivers. He is on our biggest hustlers. He can run any drill out at practice, and be excited about doing it. He is NOT afraid of work either. He is always quick to volunteer for any duty.

One of his most enjoyable duties is handing Coach Stoops game balls in the locker room after a Wildcat win. I hand picked him for that job because he appreciates that job more than anyone else.

Willie is from Palo Alto, California and he is a fourth year senior.

He is a very simple guy too. His favorite meal is a hamburger and fries. His favorite pizza is a Hawaiian from Zachary's across from campus. His hobbies include traveling, playing all sports, and cheering on the Wildcats. His favorite team, other than the Wildcats, is the San Francisco Giants.

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