Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here for the BIG Game and SMALL Lockeroom

Well, we made it with no problems to Memorial Stadium in Berkeley California. Of course, now the challenge is making the visitors locker room as comfortable and functional as possible for our players and coaches. One of the certain things in life is that the visitors locker room at Cal is the WORST in the league! There are challenges everywhere!!!!

The lockers are incredibly small, the entire room is VERY small, the coaches lockers do not open, there is no equipment room or training room, terrible access to the field, and on and on and on. The good news is that since Ed Garland took over as equipment manager at Cal a few years ago, he has made improvements each year. Ed works hard to make the situation better, and he has succeeded!

As usual, Bob and Bob did a great job of getting our truck to the stadium. Speaking of challenges, those guys do NOT have much to work with on the Cal campus. Every thing is tight and winding. To make matters worse, with construction at the stadium, they had to back the truck and trailer up to the stadium!!! We are so fortunate to have two of the best drivers in the WORLD!!!! Thanks guys.

We leave our downtown Oakland Marriott at 8:45 this morning to head back to the stadium to get ready for this afternoons game against the Bears.

Not only two of the best equipment managers I have ever worked with, but two of the greatest guys I have been able to work with, Tim Pfenning (left) and Benny Conger (right):

The managers at the gate in Tucson, waiting to board our charter flight to Oakland:

As usual, the managers working hard setting up the locker room:

A view of the locker room at Cal:
Willie Salzman breaking a sweat:
Mike Reed unpacking bags:

Ben Hulka working hard:
I still think I have seen these showers before in the movies when there were prison shower scenes in the movie!

Robert Golden is dressing in a locker that has been used by many great visiting players in the past:

One of my all time favorite players, and one of the all time great receivers at UofA, Bobby Wade, autographed his locker after a career day:
I guess part of the renovation at Memorial Stadium is the addition of new hooks on the coaches lockers. Nice idea since the lockers are locked and in the past we had to put our own hooks on the locked lockers.

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