Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everyone Working Hard During Bye Week

Even though it was still a little cool outside, it was an extremely nice day to be out on the practice field working with the Wildcat Football team!

It seems like the team is really getting a lot of work done during this bye week, and preparing for the Washington State Cougars.

Hopefully some of our banged up players are getting healthy, as we will need everyone on the team for this final stretch run.

After last nights "frigid" practice, the managers decided they should wear sweatpants too with their sweatshirts. When that sun goes down, it really starts to get cold!

We are about to get a nice weekend off from practice, which will be very nice!

Jordan Gobel gets ready to run special teams period with Mike Reed:John Landwehr assist Coach Bedenbaugh with the Offensive Line drills:

Billy Worthington uses the ball stick to snap the ball so the linemen know when to fire off the ball:

Billy Worthington adjust pop up dummies as the defensive line works through them:

During special teams period, the Quarterbacks work drills and throw into 3 different nets that the managers set up for them:

Ryan Ewalt, Jordan Bates and Jeff Gallego shag balls as Quarterbacks throw into the net:

Jordan Bates works getting the ball out of the net as Quarterbacks fire balls into the net during special teams period:

Michael Barnett (catching), and Mike Baranowski (shooting) work with players during special teams with the Jugs machine:

Mike and Michael fires passes to Terrance Miller from the Jugs machine during special teams:

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