Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am Back and Very Excited

Even though I have been back to work for a couple of days, today is the first day I really felt up to blogging. Anyone out there who has suffered through a kidney stone can understand. As of last night, I feel like a normal man again! It has been a tough week!

Obviously there is quite a buzz around McKale and the football offices after this past weekend. The players seem to have a new focus and intensity level after beating Stanford. They seem very excited about playing UCLA this Saturday!

We moved all the player bags and trunks over to the stadium this evening and tomorrow the managers will work throughout the day getting their players lockers ready.

We are very excited about Dan Vooletich of Riddell coming out to Tucson from San Antonio this weekend. Dan is our Riddell Account Rep and we are fortunate to have him taking care of the Wildcats.

I snapped a few pictures of practice today.

Willie Salzman double checks with Kris Heavner as they go through the offensive play script before the drills get started:
Zack Risdon does a great job of running the scout team script for the defensive drills:
Mike Reed works on one of the new clocks, and no surprise, he got it to work right!

Jordan Bates looks on, as Ryan Ewalt charts all the passing statistics for Coach Dykes:

Michael Barnett, Mike Baranowski and Willie Salzman get ready to run the offensive drills:

Two of our very best at enthusiasm and hustle, Michael Barnett and Willie Salzman:

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