Sunday, October 25, 2009

5-2 Going in to Another Bye Week!!!!!

The Wildcats didn't play their best yesterday, but they were still able to pull off our fifth win of the season. Our quarterback, Nick Foles played with flu like symptoms and didn't have his best game, but the defense looked like themselves again and kept UCLA's offense from scoring a touchdown. Their only touchdown came on a play that was ruled a backwards incomplete pass and one of their players picked up the ball and ran it in for a score.

Once again, our managers did a fantastic job of preparing everything for our coaches and players! I have mentioned many times how important it is to put together a great student manager staff, and it appears we have assembled a top notch group! Not only do they do a fantastic job, but they seem to enjoy the work and one another. That makes such a huge difference. Tim and Benny do a GREAT job of working with the managers.

Other than the FIVE turnovers we committed yesterday, the day seemed to be perfect! The weather was awesome, we got to see a lot of people that stopped by to visit, and of course the outcome of the game.

We will practice Tuesday through Friday this next week preparing for the WSU Cougars, then we will get next weekend off. That is always nice!

Tony Perri and his crew brought over all their equipment in this trailer from Los Angeles:
Dan Vooletich, of Riddell, spent the weekend with us:

Former great quarterback at UofA, Jason Johnson, and ALL TIME GREAT GUY, stopped by the locker room to visit with us yesterday morning while we were setting up:
This is how the lockers look when the team arrives to the locker room from the hotel:

Ben Hulka and Jeff Gallego set up our recruit display:

Before each game, Tim and I talk to the recruits in the locker room before the team arrives. We always set up a display of the equipment so they can see exactly what we give our players.

First thing the managers did when they arrived at 9:30am yesterday was start putting jerseys onto the pads:

The managers start pulling jerseys on to shoulder pads first thing when they arrive at the stadium on gameday:

Billy Worthington unpacks a players bag in the overflow locker room:
Willie Salzman pulls a jersey on to shoulder pads:

Zack Risdon prepares a pair of shoulder pads before he pulls the jersey on to the pads:

Mike Reed carefully prepares the tape on the shoulder pads before he pulls the jersey on to the pads:

The managers are always sharing a few funny stories while they work in the locker room before the team arrives:

Ben Hulka pulls a jersey onto a pair of shoulder pads:

Ben Hulka is making sure all of the screws are tight on Greg Nwoko's helmet:

Mike Harlow pulls a jersey and tapes it to the shoulder pads, while enjoying a Jamba Juice:

Mike Harlow works on tightening screws on the helmets as part of our checklist duties:

Mike Harlow and Robert Lloyd seem to be enjoying their locker room work yesterday morning before the team arrived to the locker room:
Mike Harlow prepares to check and tighten all the screws on Travis Cobb's helmet:

Mike Reed works on shoulder pad tape, while Jordan Gobel makes sure Herman Hall's jersey is properly taped to his shoulder pads:

Jordan Gobel puts a nice shine on a helmet:

Jeff Gallego tightens up all the screws on Vuna's helmet:

Jeff Gallego pulls a jersey onto a pair of shoulder pads:

Ryan Ewalt makes sure this jersey gets properly taped to the shoulder pads:

Ryan Ewalt works hard to clean a pair of shoes as part of our pre game duties:

Jordan Bates cleaning and polishing up a pair of shoes before the team arrives from the hotel:

Michael Barnett preparing the two way shoulder pad tape before pulling the jersey on to the pads:

Michael Barnett cleaning a pair of shoes before the game:

Mike Baranowski taping a jersey to the shoulder pads:

Jack Banker unloading bags in the auxiliary "over flow" locker room area:

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