Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Break Out the Sweats!!!!

Break out the sweatshirts, it is in the 50's today in Tucson!!!!! It might as well be snowing for us, we are not use to this kind of temperature in October. First real cold day of the season.

The team was really flying around out at practice today, I think the players may be feeling the cold temperature and wanting to run around to stay warm.

We were back to normal schedule today and back at our home practice fields at Jimenez Practice Facility.

McKale is really starting to pick up with both basketball teams practicing, volleyball in their stretch run, and baseball and softball are going through their fall seasons. Zac Cook is staying busy with the laundry during this time, as are all of us. Pretty much all of our sports are going strong right now so things are busier than normal.

Below are some pictures from practice earlier today.

Willie Salzman retrieving balls from the WR's and feeding them into the managers snapping:
Willie Salzman snapping the ball to Matt Scott:
Mike Reed taking a pitch from Coach Hammerschmidt during drills:
Mike Reed working with Coach Hammerschmidt and the DE's during individual period:

Managers snapping balls to the QB's:

Robert Lloyd charting the QB's and Receivers during one on one drill:

Ben Hulka with Coach Kish and working with the linebackers:

Jeff Gallego snaps the ball to Matt Scott during one on ones:

Robert Lloyd getting the heavy pop up dummy off of the field:

Michael Barnett getting the heavy pop up dummy off the field:

Jack Banker retrieves the balls from the WR's and then feeds them into the managers that are snapping:

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