Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rainless in Seattle??????

Well, we are back at it hard after a nice break during our open week. Many of us were able to watch a lot of football over the weekend. It was topped off by being able to watch Brett Favre work his magic last night.

We have spent a lot of time today and yesterday putting everything together for this weeks trip to Seattle. As usual, the truck will leave after practice tomorrow night. As of now, there is no rain in the forecast for any part of our trip. The closest rain was the Tuesday after we leave, but today, that changed to Wednesday, which is a great sign. It will still be very cold to most of our players and coaches.

One change is that we will have to put the player bags on the charter coming home too. Normally we put them on the truck, but because of the late kick off time, we will put them on the plane with us so we have plenty of time to put everything back in the player's lockers for Mondays work.

We have another great group of managers going on the trip with us! Ben Hulka, Ryan Ewalt, Mike Reed, Willie Salzman and Mike Harlow will be going with us up to Seattle. There are so many deserving managers that should be traveling more, but that is the problem when we hire so many great working kids!

We just about have all the trunks packed which means we are getting close.

Tim Pfennig does a great job of supervising all of the action out on the practice field, day after day:
Zack Risdon gathering up balls after defensive individual drills:

Mike Reed doing a great job of hustling out to pick up a loose ball on the field:

John Landwehr getting ready to run offensive inside drill:

John Landwehr spots balls during offensive inside drills:

Ben Hulka runs after a ball during scout team work down on the defensive end of the field:

Mike Harlow hustling after a ball on the ground during scout team work:

Mike Harlow and Zack Risdon put balls away after some scout team work:

Jeff Gallego studies the script so he knows exactly where and what yard line to place the ball for the next play scripted:

Jeff Gallego goes after a ball thrown in by player:

Jeff Gallego hustling after a ball:

Michael Barnett and Mike Baranowski discussing something that must be very important.

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