Thursday, October 15, 2009


Even though there is no official trophy, I have no problem calling our 15 student managers, PAC 10 Champs!!! There is no doubt in my mind we have the best group of managers in the conference. Tim, Benny and I are very fortunate to have such a GREAT group of students that work their tails off for this football team EVERYDAY!!!

It is nice to be off of the road, for many reasons, but mainly so all 15 can work this weeks game against Stanford. The toughest part of our jobs as full time equipment managers is choosing which managers are going to travel! We have FIFTEEN that deserve to go to every single away game.

Below are some pictures of them working practice as the coaches and players prepare for Stanford.

Brophy's Best, Billy Worthington:
Pride of Palo Alto, Willie Salzman:

Zack Risdon shagging balls:

John Landwehr overseeing the field:

Couple of Chicago guys, Ben Hulka (left), Zack Risdon (right):

Jordan Gobel takes the pitch from Coach Hammerschmidt:

Jordan Gobel for Heisman!!!!!

Jordan Gobel blocking the Defensive End!!!!!

Chain Gang:

Jordan Bates snapping the ball to QB's:

Mike Baranowski watching the field:

Jack Banker talking it over with Mike Harlow:

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