Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Ready for a Cat and Dog fight in Seattle

Well, Bob and Bob took off tonight for Seattle. They have a long drive ahead of them, and we have a couple more practices to get where we need to be for the Huskies.

We had a really good day in the equipment room today. Ben Stanton, with Olympic Cases, spent some time with us going over some ideas for new trunks for next season. He is a GREAT guy with a really GREAT trunk and case company in Salt Lake City.

Then we had Taylor Hanohano and Dave Baron of Riddell stop by and visit with us about everything going on with their company. Riddell continues to be the leader in protective equipment.

The managers finished all their helmet and shoulder pad maintenance today and they also finished up with packing their trunks. They also continue to do a great job of running practice each and every day.

Enjoy some pictures from practice earlier today:

Willie Salzman hustling as usual:
Robert Lloyd chasing down punts:
Robert Lloyd and Jeff Gallego assist the QB's during special teams period:
Robert Lloyd chasing down punts during practice:

Robert Lloyd catching punts while kickers and punters are warming up for special teams:

Ben Hulka setting up passing nets for QB's while special teams is going on:

Jordan Gobel picking up scrimmage vest after special teams period:

Jordan Gobel spotting balls during special teams:

Jordan Bates organizing QB's helmets during drills while special teams is going on:
Mike Baranowski and Jordan Bates running 7 on 7 drills:

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